What We Do

Modern trade focused
logistics and distribution
services company in Lagos, Nigeria


FMCG Wholesale Trading

We stock and sell a range of Export quality Fast Moving Consumer Goods that all made in Nigeria. We source these products directly from quality producers (typically SME’s) all around Nigeria.

Retail Chain/Supermarket Supply

Running a supermarket successfully is not an easy task. This is much more so when your supermarket is in Nigeria. To do it profitably, supermarkets must take their supply chain seriously.

Natural Ingredient Brokers & Suppliers

With Nigeria’s growing manufacturing and food processing and packaging industry is a growing need by of raw and semi processed materials and ingredients by such manufacturers and food processors.

Food Processing & Packaging

Rosyamens is proud of our African heritage. We believe that Africa in general & Nigeria in particular is very abundantly blessed with human and natural resources.

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4 Bailey Street, Pedro, Somolu,
Lagos State, Nigeria.

Email: info@rosyamens.com.ng

Call: +234 803 330 8749
+234 809 570 2979

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