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Patriotism! Key to building successful Nigerian businesses (Part 2)

Focus: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Did you read the first part of this article? If not read it here.

What if every Nigerian Individual, Family, MSME, Corporation, NGO, Organisation, Government Ministry, Department & Agency begins to actively purchase made in Nigeria products on a daily basis?

This will result in more retailers (from the retail shop next door to the Shoprites) and wholesalers stocking up more of these items (because there is active demand for them) instead of foreign alternatives (traders love to stock up what people are asking for). Manufacturers will be encouraged/forced to produce more, utilizing redundant capacity and expanding production capacity as they are unable to satisfy demand.

This in turn will increase demand for raw materials, particularly from the agricultural sector where most of the raw materials for the food and beverage fmcgs come from thereby also reducing much of the post harvest losses currently being experienced in that sector.

White, blue, pink and no collar jobs (if there is anything like that) will be provided in a sustainable manner, positively and profitably engaging currently wasting God given youthful talent and energy, putting food on many more family tables, reducing current national security challenges, drastically reducing imports and loss of foreign exchange in the process.

Nigerian brands and products are developed, improved and positioned for exports, which in turn earns forex for the Nation. The list of gains is seemingly inexhaustible

Gladly, many Nigerian SME's in the fmcg industry are rising up to the challenge and churning out export quality, proudly Nigerian fmcg's

It is time to support them more with our collective patronage. To do otherwise (actively or passively) is to be part of those contributing to, yet complaining incessantly about our national woes.

Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey!




Posted by euc homes
Mar 07, 2018 AT 09:43:37AM

without patriotic people your business would have a stunted growth

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