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Patriotism! Key to building successful Nigerian businesses (Part 1)

Focus: Fast Moving Consumer Goods  
Fast moving consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as fmcg's) are items we all use/consume daily. 
From rising up in the morning till we lay our heads to sleep at night, we spend a great part of our resources (income disparity regardless) on consumption of fmcg's. 

Daily activities like snacking, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, having a bath, entertaining a guest, brushing/cleaning the mouth, washing clothes, cleaning the house, car, surroundings etc all require the use of fmcg's.

Fmcg's can be broadly categorized into four groups namely Food, Beverages, Personal/Home Care products and lastly alcoholic drinks & cigarettes. You need not think far to realise that these are items you buy on a daily basis. Whilst you can hardly do away with the first three categories, you can, and should safely avoid the last (alcoholic drinks and cigarettes) for your good and society's.

The name fast moving consumer goods is derived from the fact that these goods move very fast in the market (they have very high turnover). As you are reading this, it's likely you have already purchased/used some fmcg's today and will still use some more before the day runs out. Unfortunately, many Nigerians (and surprisingly, this cuts through all classes) believe more in, and patronise more of foreign products to the detriment of their Nigerian alternatives.

This is an unfortunate and misguided mindset! Patronizing Local products will provide the much needed boost local producers need to improve on output and eventually compete favourably even in international markets with made in Nigeria Exports that do not have to carry false country of manufacture claims.

This is a clarion call to Nigerians everywhere to consciously determine to patronise goods (particularly fmcg's) made in Nigeria. We do not necessarily have to wait for government to lead the way (though I concede that it will make the job easier). 

Nigerians, we need to develop a sense of patriotism! 



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