Brands We Stock

We stock an exciting, unique and growing range of quality FMCG brands made in Nigeria. Our product range includes about 10 brands with over 50 sku’s. This includes items in the following categories.

  • Dairy (Prepack Eggs)
  • Snacks (Nuts, Chips, Coconut Flakes etc)
  • Spices and Condiments (Natural Spices, Honey etc)
  • Cereals

Presently, we are working on plans to start dealing in the following other FMCG categories

  • Beverage Products (Water & Health Friendly Drinks)
  • Personal Care Products
  • Home Care Products

Brands we currently stock are:

  • Funtuna Prepack Eggs

  • Executive Choice Cashew Nuts

  • Elex Cashew & Peanuts

  • Aace Foods & Spices

  • Big Bee Honey

  • Haffinique Peanuts

  • Dikins Coconut Products

  • Sehai Honey

  • Grandios Pap